How It Works?

Content Studio allows you to manage all the tools and resources you need for content marketing from a single dashboard. You can create amazingly engaging content with your own team or with the help of Content Studio teams.


For Startups

We are well aware of how a team of talents and, how much effort and time a new enterprise requires. We provide you the necessary support through our content management platform.

For Brands

We help you maintain the highest level of content standards
for your brand. We offer complete oversight of your brand via content management tools.

For Agencies

We provide a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective content management platform and a qualified
team of content creation for your agency
and your clients.

What are the Features?

Content Studio is a service that incorporates a number of tools you need for content marketing. With Content Studio, you have a seamless flow of content creation that is sustainable, traceable and manageable.


You can manage all the details of your content projects from a single dashboard.


You can now view and oversee all of your content from a single dashboard.


You can manage all your tasks and their details about content marketing.


You can manage all your content along with important milestones and deadlines in one calendar.


You can study your target group with the persona management.

Brand Guidelines

You can put an end to misused font and language issues with the online brand guidelines.

Content Templates

With the customizable content templates, so you can create the contents right on the target; no more, no less.

Content Types

You can manage your contents with the type-specific checklists.

Content Strategies

You can take the save all your content strategies on channel-by- channel basis ranging from persona to action.

Important Dates and Milestones

You can follow your important days, milestones, launches and campaign dates.

Channel Management

You can list all your online and offline content and manage them on a channel- by-channel basis.

User / Role Management

You can have total end-to- end control for the access for different roles through management and authorization specific to your brand's needs.

Target Monitoring

You can track the performance of your content on periods that you can specify.

File Management

You can make your content files available to all of your team and business partners via our cloud infrastructure.


You can manage your business follow-ups with specific dashboards for your brand and team.

15 Days Free Use

Sign up today. 15 days free use. Sign up for free; no conditions, no requirements, no credit cards needed.



You can choose one of our Content Studio packages that best suits your needs, and you can change it anytime you want.With 15 days free trial, you can test all the features as you wish.


Free / forever

  • 1 Free / forever
  • 1 User / Brand
  • 7 / 24 Support
  • Agency Management


49$ / month

  • 1 Brand
  • Unlimited Users / Brand
  • 7 / 24 Support
  • Agency Management


199$ / month

  • 5 Brand
  • Unlimited Users / Brand
  • 7 / 24 Support
  • Agency Management

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